Contracts for Excellence

2011-12 Proposed Citywide Plan

Overview of Plan

Please click here . Contains detailed information about spending by program areas and strategies.
Please note that all proposed allocations described are preliminary and contingent on further analysis of school-based conditions.

(Revised 11.04.11)

Please note, NYSED required a new format for FY12 school-level detail. As indicated in the FY12 SAM, NYSED allowed NYCDOE to take a portion of the 17.53% reduction from year 1 Maintenance of Effort funds. This leaves $348 million for school allocations and district-wide programs in FY12 and $182 million of year 1 MoE embedded in Fair Student Funding.

See here for school-level detail.

District Certification

For a description of how discretionary dollars were allocated to schools, please see the FY12 Contracts for Excellence School Allocation Memorandum (SAM) here .