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Data Source GALAXY as of 3/18/2014
Allocation CategoryFY 2013
ARRA RTTT Citywide Inst Exp 10,800
ARRA RTTT Data Specialist 2,178
Contract for Excellence FY 09 231,731
IDEA RS IEP Para 229,240
IDEA RS SBST Shared 59,480
OASAS Easy Does It 5,802
OASAS Sub Abuse 55,465
OASAS Sub Abuse OTPS 1,000
Title I Priority/Focus SWP 166,835
Title I Priority/Focus SWP Parent Engage 7,347
Title I SWP 734,681
Title IIB Math/Science 1,343
Title III LEP 11,200
Title III Translation Services 3,206
TL 09 C4E CTT 57,356
TL 12-Month AP 11,172
TL Achieve Now 25,000
TL Children First Network Support 9,219
TL City Council Member Items 7,500
TL Computer Maintenance 10,677
TL Education Jobs Bill Funding 8,866
TL Fair Student Funding 5,466,275
TL FSF Legacy Teacher Supplement 34,231
TL FY13 FSF Post-IEP Support 1,500
TL FY13 Spec Ed 4/7 ICT Credit 90,767
TL FY13 Spec Ed Data Appeals 19,782
TL Hurricane Sandy Register Relief 14,250
TL Network Support Fees 40,781
TL NYSTL Hardware 12,720
TL NYSTL Library Books 6,625
TL NYSTL Software 10,992
TL NYSTL Textbooks 24,418
TL Parent Coordinator 43,618
TL Parent Coordinator OTPS 500
TL RS IEP Para 360,802
TL RS IEP Teacher 71,701
TL RS Mandated Counseling Shared 111,323
TL RS Mandated Speech Shared 147,153
TL RS Occupational Therapist PS Shared 62,375
TL Salary Subsidy 2018 46,750
TL SBST Shared 169,884
TL School to School Summer Shared Transfers 27,677
TL SE Transitional Funding 64,767
TL Summer School Shared 36,400
TL Summer School Support for OAPR Students 2,688
TL Summer School Support Shared 4,194
TL Translation Services 2,626

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