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Data Source GALAXY as of 3/18/2014
Allocation CategoryFY 2013
ARRA RTTT Citywide Inst Exp CW 8,100
ARRA RTTT Data Specialist CW 2,178
Chapter 683 RS CW 175,059
IDEA Per Capita CW 46,114
IDEA RS Speech CW 202,558
Title III LEP CW 11,200
Title III Translation Services 1,841
TL ASA Register Growth CW 155,695
TL ASA RS Related Services CW 171,171
TL Bus Strike Chaperone Trans Costs CW 3
TL Computer Maintenance CW 5,443
TL Deferred Program Planning Initiative CW 26,100
TL Hurricane Sandy School Ops Support OTPS CW 18,638
TL Instructional Programs CW 8,722,539
TL Literacy Assessment Program CW 1,225
TL NYSTL Hardware CW 4,428
TL NYSTL Library Books CW 2,306
TL NYSTL Software CW 3,827
TL NYSTL Textbooks CW 11,858
TL One-Time Allocations CW 2,413
TL Parent Coordinator CW 39,498
TL Parent Coordinator OTPS CW 500
TL Professional Development CW 500
TL Project Arts CW 10,317
TL RS Chapter 683 60,776
TL RS Related Services CW 4,996,453
TL RS Therapist OTPS CW 2,800
TL Support Services CW 214,634
TL Terminal and Paid Leaves CW 46,140
TL Translation Services CW 1,586
VATEA CW 1,600

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