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Data Source GALAXY as of 3/18/2014
Allocation CategoryFY 2013
21st Century 83 41,195
ARRA RTTT Citywide Inst Exp 10,800
ARRA RTTT Data Specialist 2,178
Contract for Excellence FY 09 HS 386,551
Contract for Excellence FY 09 Summer HS 46,660
Golden Apple Awards 3,000
Regents Extra Scoring Costs 1,508
Title I SINI Summer PD 1,567
Title I SWP 618,445
Title I SWP Translation Services 5,024
Title III LEP 114,208
TL Children First Network Support HS 16,000
TL Computer Maintenance HS 14,867
TL Fair Student Funding HS 5,188,522
TL FSF Legacy Teacher Supplement HS 26,918
TL FY13 Spec Ed 4/7 ICT Credit HS 2,017
TL Network Support Fees 34,000
TL NYSTL Hardware HS 10,836
TL NYSTL Library Books HS 5,644
TL NYSTL Software HS 9,364
TL NYSTL Textbooks HS 46,694
TL OTPS for PSAL HS 1,282
TL Parent Coordinator HS 37,188
TL Parent Coordinator OTPS HS 500
TL Regents Distributed Scoring 2,000
TL RS IEP Para 27,369
TL Summer School Shared 56,621
TL Summer School Support Shared 9,178
TL Translation Services 1,635
TL UFT Officers-Reps and Chapt-Leaders HS 75,554
VATEA 4,096

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