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Data Source GALAXY as of 3/26/2015
Allocation CategoryFY 2013
AIDP 55,221
ARRA RTTT Citywide Inst Exp 13,500
ARRA RTTT Data Specialist 2,472
Arts Achieve Honorarium (i3-27525) 1,000
Contract for Excellence FY 09 578,053
Contract for Excellence FY 09 Summer 17,455
FY13 NCLB Incentive 20,326
IDEA RS IEP Para 19,279
IDEA RS SBST Shared 233,258
PreK 4,877
Rollover NCLB Incentive (FY12) 103,852
Rollover Title I Correct 91 PS- Purch S And L Trav3,325
Rollover Title I Correct 91 Supplies and Materials1,000
School Support Supplement 476,420
Title I SINI Summer PD 1,567
Title I SWP 1,727,516
Title I SWP Translation Services 5,856
Title IIA Supplemental 281,748
Title III Immigrant 15,000
Title III LEP 63,864
TL 09 C4E CTT 86,034
TL Children First Network Support 16,000
TL Computer Maintenance 19,358
TL Deferred Program Planning Initiative 141,760
TL Fair Student Funding 7,633,535
TL FSF Legacy Teacher Supplement 53,323
TL FY13 FSF Post-IEP Support 500
TL Literacy Assessment Program 915
TL Network Support Fees 34,000
TL NYSTL Hardware 20,436
TL NYSTL Library Books 10,644
TL NYSTL Software 17,660
TL NYSTL Textbooks 37,280
TL Parent Coordinator 54,149
TL Parent Coordinator OTPS 500
TL Robin Hood Libraries 121,807
TL RS IEP Para 124,058
TL RS IEP Teacher 69,749
TL RS Mandated Counseling Shared 184,445
TL RS Mandated Speech Shared 324,243
TL RS Occupational Therapist PS Shared 60,298
TL SBST Shared 209,261
TL SE Transitional Funding 156,691
TL Summer School Shared 24,596
TL Summer School Support Shared 15,366
TL Talented and Gifted 155
TL Translation Services 1,902
Universal PreK 285,762

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