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Data Source GALAXY as of 3/26/2015
Allocation CategoryFY 2014
ARRA RTTT Data Specialist 1,726
Contract for Excellence FY 09 97,353
Contract for Excellence FY 09 PreK 82,021
IDEA RS IEP Para 48,834
IDEA SBST Shared 108,241
PreK 6,298
PreK Title I 18,146
School Support Supplement 379,138
Sequester Aid IDEA RS IEP Paras 7,567
Sequester/2010 Census Title I SWP 9,186
Sequester/2010 Census Title IIA 15,028
Title I SWP 200,668
Title I SWP Translation Services 1,718
Title IIA Supplemental 209,188
TL Children First Network Support 16,000
TL Citywide Instructional Expectations 19,700
TL Computer Maintenance 1,731
TL Core Curriculum Support 865
TL ELA/Math Student Support 1,628
TL Fair Student Funding 1,206,357
TL FSF Legacy Teacher Supplement 323
TL FSF School to School Transfers Shared 17,945
TL Literacy Assessment Program 600
TL MOSL 1,500
TL MOSL Spring 2,845
TL Network Support Fees 34,000
TL NYSTL Library Books 1,411
TL Parent Coordinator 37,465
TL Parent Coordinator OTPS 500
TL Parent Teacher Conferences 1,083
TL RS IEP Para 108,428
TL RS Mandated Counseling Shared 23,548
TL RS Mandated Speech Shared 73,956
TL RS Occupational Therapist PS Shared 61,835
TL RS Physical Therapist PS Shared 61,944
TL SBST Shared 116,044
TL School Support for OAPR Students 3,600
TL SE Transitional Funding 71,854
TL Summer School Shared 4,632
TL Summer School Support for OAPR Students 672
TL Translation Services 556
Universal PreK 71,441

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