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Data Source GALAXY as of 3/26/2015
Allocation CategoryFY 2014
AIDP 141,526
ARRA RTTT Data Specialist 1,726
Contract for Excellence FY 09 HS 362,135
IDEA RS IEP Para 184,130
Learning Technology Grant 61 48,399
Learning Technology Grant 62 48,399
NYS STVP General Voucher 11,160
NYS STVP Software Voucher 7,483
OASAS Sub Abuse 66,806
OASAS Sub Abuse OTPS 500
OASAS The Gateway Drug Program 7,893
Rollover Small Learning Commun 28555 (Cohort 8) 123,471
Sequester Aid IDEA RS IEP Paras 19,673
Sequester/2010 Census Title I SWP 15,991
Title I SWP 349,311
Title I SWP Translation Services 2,254
Title III LEP 11,200
TL Attendance Shared 80,975
TL Blueprint Assistance HS 339,382
TL CFES Itinerant 87,437
TL CFES Open Schools Assistant Principals 231,154
TL CFES Open Schools Support Staff 31,454
TL Children First Network Support HS 16,000
TL Citywide Instructional Expectations 19,700
TL Computer Maintenance HS 10,922
TL ELA/Math Student Support 7,215
TL Fair Student Funding HS 2,565,751
TL FSF Legacy Teacher Supplement HS 7,660
TL Lead Teacher 36,674
TL MOSL 1,500
TL MOSL Spring 2,845
TL Network Support Fees 34,000
TL NYSTL Hardware HS 4,753
TL NYSTL Library Books HS 2,517
TL NYSTL Software HS 4,132
TL NYSTL Textbooks HS 23,666
TL OTPS for PSAL HS 1,057
TL Parent Coordinator HS 40,454
TL Parent Coordinator OTPS HS 500
TL Regents Distributed Scoring 5,500
TL RS IEP Para 345,538
TL RS Mandated Counseling Shared 108,108
TL RS Mandated Speech Shared 59,461
TL RS Occupational Therapist PS Shared 61,835
TL SBST Shared 115,451
TL School Support for OAPR Students 2,400
TL Summer School Shared 32,696
TL Summer School Support Shared 16,418
TL Translation Services 720
TL UFT Officers-Reps and Chapt-Leaders HS 80,975
VATEA 115,403

Changes to Allocation Categories