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Data Source GALAXY as of 3/26/2015
Allocation CategoryFY 2014
AIDP 5,001
AIDP Attendance Shared 85,364
AIDP Every Student Everyday 1,000
ARRA RTTT Data Specialist 1,726
Bronx Teens Connection Intra-City 1,700
Contract for Excellence FY 09 HS 39,596
IDEA RS IEP Para 47,242
NYS STVP General Voucher 11,591
NYS STVP Software Voucher 11,554
Sequester Aid IDEA RS IEP Paras 6,053
Sequester/2010 Census Title I SWP 42,153
Title I SWP 343,914
Title I SWP Translation Services 2,217
Title III Immigrant 7,062
Title III LEP 11,200
TL 12-Month AP HS 11,172
TL Children First Network Support HS 16,000
TL Citywide Instructional Expectations 19,700
TL Computer Maintenance HS 3,249
TL ELA/Math Student Support 4,177
TL Fair Student Funding HS 2,399,924
TL MOSL 1,500
TL MOSL Spring 2,845
TL Network Support Fees 34,000
TL NYSTL Hardware HS 4,431
TL NYSTL Library Books HS 2,347
TL NYSTL Software HS 3,852
TL NYSTL Textbooks HS 22,066
TL One-Time Allocations HS 21,360
TL Parent Coordinator HS 5,983
TL Parent Coordinator HS - Flexible 39,048
TL Parent Coordinator OTPS HS 500
TL Parent Teacher Conferences 1,760
TL RS IEP Para 83,657
TL RS IEP Teacher HS 61,123
TL RS Mandated Counseling Shared 33,182
TL RS Mandated Speech Shared 73,956
TL Salary Subsidy 2019 HS 11,580
TL Summer School Shared 19,817
TL Summer School Support Shared 160
TL Translation Services 726

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