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Data Source GALAXY as of 1/31/2015
Allocation CategoryFY 2015
Contract for Excellence FY 09 96,946
IDEA RS IEP Para 135,938
IDEA SBST Shared 118,980
NYS STVP General Voucher 850
NYS STVP Software Voucher 14,740
OASAS Easy Does It 6,528
OASAS Sub Abuse 68,270
OASAS Sub Abuse OTPS 500
PreK 242,389
PreK Title I 50,351
School Support Supplement 256,926
Sequester Aid IDEA RS IEP Paras 19,834
Sequester/2010 Census Title I SWP 25,424
Sequester/2010 Census Title IIA 10,184
Title I SWP 534,779
Title I SWP Translation Services 1,486
Title IIA Supplemental 141,758
Title III LEP 11,200
TL ASA Register Growth 61,736
TL Children First Network Support 16,000
TL Citywide Instructional Expectations 24,496
TL Computer Maintenance 8,431
TL Core Curriculum Support 1,134
TL Data Specialist 1,657
TL ELA/Math Student Support 26,003
TL Fair Student Funding 3,358,479
TL FSF Legacy Teacher Supplement 33,809
TL Literacy Assessment Program TBD
TL Long Term Absence TBD
TL MOSL 1,700
TL Network Support Fees TBD
TL NYSTL Library Books 4,373
TL NYSTL Textbooks 35,438
TL Parent Coordinator 32,338
TL Parent Coordinator OTPS 500
TL Parent Teacher Conferences TBD
TL Promotion Support TBD
TL RS IEP Para 273,915
TL RS IEP Teacher 83,348
TL RS Mandated Counseling Shared 56,745
TL RS Mandated Speech Shared 146,130
TL RS Occupational Therapist PS Shared 62,453
TL Sabbaticals 65,598
TL SBST Shared 115,620
TL School Support for OAPR Students TBD
TL SE Transitional Funding 24,688
TL Section 504 63,193
TL Service in schools 1,000
TL Summer School Shared 1,392
TL Summer School Support for OAPR Students TBD
TL Talented and Gifted 632
TL Temporary Shortfall Per Diem 39,672
TL Temporary Shortfall Teachers 127,877
TL Translation Services 483
Universal Pre-K Quality Full-Day 509,158
Universal PreK 214,322