This view outlines the impact of the following items on your school’s total budget in 2009-2010:

  • Register adjustments and adjustments for collective bargaining and citywide increases in average teacher salaries
  • A reduction to your Fair Student Funding and Children First allocations (all schools will receive the same proportional reduction to their FSF and CF funds); and
  • An increase in Title I dollars and/or an allocation of Stabilization dollars from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (a.k.a. Federal Stimulus).

Adding in the savings from the surplus roll, total school budgets in aggregate will be down 3.8% as a percentage of total school 2008-09 budgets adjusted for 2009-10 FSF changes.  Depending on the level of dollars a school rolled, a school may have a higher or lower actual percentage reduction overall.

FY10 Initial Budget Overview

2008-09 Total Budget Allocated (in Galaxy)1   $6,504,912
2009-10 Annual Increase/(Decrease) in FSF (i.e., register changes)2 + $112,046
2009-10 Change in Legacy Teacher supplement + ($12,695)
Total 2008-09 Budget adjusted for 2009-10 annual FSF changes = $6,604,263

Reduction to 2009-10 FSF CF allocations3 ($1,147,073)
American Recovery and Reinvesment Act (ARRA) Stimulus Funding    
ARRA Title I (Additional Title I dollars from the ARRA Stimulus Funds; Schools will not be scheduling fringes for this Title I allocation4) + $0
ARRA Stabilization + $823,244
Final Increase/(Decrease) to 2008-09 adjusted budget = ($323,829)
2008-2009 Budget Surplus Rolled Into 2009-2010 = $0
(1) Total allocations as of 5/1/09, backing out all surplus roll adjustments.

(2) The Annual increase/(decrease) is calculated based on: 1) changes in enrollment and need levels of students at the school and 2) an increase in the per capita amounts associated with the weights due to funding for collective bargaining salary increases and the change in the citywide average teacher salary. The calculation for the total marginal change is shown on the FSF website in two parts: register change and salary changes.

(3) The reduction is applied to 2009-10 FSF funds which equal the 2008-2009 FSF allocation adjusted for 2009-10 annual increase/(decrease), as described in footnote 1.

(4) The allocation of Stimulus funding to schools, including the new ARRA Title I allocation, does not include fringe. Funds for fringe benefits are not included in the school allocations; they will be paid centrally.