School Budget Overview

Budget Overview

2011-2012 School Budgets

School year 2011-2012 allocations will reflect the following adjustments from school year 2010-2011:
  • Some of the academic intervention and special education needs weights in the FSF Formula will be modified. To preserve stability, however, impacts of these changes are subject to the maximum FY11 base budget changes outlined below.
  • Federal stimulus funding will no longer be available in 2011-2012 but new City tax levy Restoration funding will backfill this loss.
  • Schools with high current allocations of FSF and federal stimulus funds relative to the new FSF formula (above 90.32%) will lose a maximum of 1.5% of their FY 11 base budgets.
  • Schools below 82.7% of the new formula will receive additional funding, above their current allocations of FSF and federal stimulus. No school will gain more than 10% of its FY11 base budget.
  • Children's First Operating Funds will be re-deployed through FSF.
  • The increase in the citywide average teacher salary from FY 11 to FY 12 is incorporated as a lift of $25.59 per weighted student to the Fair Student Funding per capita.
  • A 3.26% cut is applied to schools' FY12 Base Budget to distribute a total $178m reduction in revenues to the DOE.
The tables below explain the changes from the school's final FY11 Flexible Funding Base Budget to the initial FY 12 Flexible Funding Base Budget...
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I. Calculation of FY11 Flexible Funding Base Budget [d] = [a] + [b] + [c]   $11,054,090    
[a] FY11 Fair Student Funding Supporting Funding Streams       $9,475,633    
  TL Fair Student Funding       $9,075,633    
  TL Fair Student Funding Incremental       $400,000    
  TL FSF General Holdharmless       $0    
  TL 09 C4E CTT       $0    
[b] FY11 Expired Funding       $1,400,700    
  Title I ARRA SWP/TA       $52,635    
  TL DRA Stabilization       $769,996    
  IDEA ARRA CTT       $6,768    
  TL Education Jobs Bill Funding       $148,195    
  TL Open Schools Saved Jobs/Additional       $7,000    
   TL Children First Operating Funds       $416,106    
[c] FY11 Other Flexible Funding       $177,757    
  School Support Equivalent = (School Support Supplement + Title IIA Funds) * .5979       $0    
    School Support Supplement   $0        
    Title IIA Supplemental   $0        
  TL FSF Legacy Teacher Supplement * .4702       $109,557    
  TL Salary Subsidy *.8867       $68,201    

II. Calculation of School's FY12 Fair Student Funding Formula Percentage       82.46%
  A. Preliminary Percentage of Fair Student Funding Formula Including Restoration Dollars (FY11 FSF %)        
[a] FY11 Fair Student Funding Streams + [b] FY11 Expired Funding
  [a] $9,475,633 + [b] $1,400,700 = $10,876,333 = 78.74%
[e] Revised Fair Student Funding Formula applied to FY11 registers
[e]$13,812,186 $13,812,186
  B. Adjustments to the Funding Percent            
[f] If FY11 FSF % is under 82.74%,
     add the amount needed to bring the school to 82.74% ($552,362
          up to a maximum 10% gain of [d] ($1,105,409)

[f] =

minimum of (.8274 * [e] - ( [a] + [b])
               or  .10     * [d])
[g] If FY11 FSF % is above 90.32%, reduce
      FY11 Base Budget for Restoration by 1.5% of [d]
[g] = -1.5% * [d]   $0    
[h] If FY11 FSF% is above 100%, separate dollars over formula net
      of 1.5% loss [g] into new allocation category: "TL Funds Over Formula"
[h] = [e] - ([a] + [b] + [g])   $0    
  C. Foundation Amount (all schools) [i]       $225,000    
  D. School's FY12 Funding Percent Applied to FY12 Registers
     (excludes dollars in excess of formula and foundation.)
[j] = ([a] + [b] + [f] + [g] + [h]) - [i] = $11,203,695   82.46%
[e] - [i] $13,587,186  

III. Calculation of School's FY12 Fair Student Funding Allocation
     Reflects rows A-F in FSF Funding Formula Overview
  [k] FY12 Fair Student Funding Register Formula         $14,673,576    
  [l] Allocation based on school's percent of formula (max = 100%) [l] = [j] 82.46% *  [k] $14,673,576  $12,099,508  
  [i] Foundation Amount        $225,000  
  [m] Funding for Teacher Salary Growth        $92,487    
  [n] FY12 Fair Student Funding + C4E CTT Allocation Total [n] = [l] + [i] + [m]     $12,416,995    

IV. Revised Fair Student Funding +
      Funds Over Formula Allocations in Galaxy
[o]         $12,416,995
  TL Fair Student Funding Allocation Bracket
= FY12 Fair Student Funding Formula Allocation [n]
  TL 09 C4E CTT $0
  TL Funds Over Formula   = Allocation Over 100% of FY11 Fair Student Funding [h] $0

V. Calculation of Budget Reduction          
  [p] FY12 Base Budget for Reduction (excludes TL Salary Subsidies) [p]     $12,574,990    
  [o] Revised Fair Student Funding +
            Funds Over Formula Allocations in Galaxy
[o]     $12,416,995    
  Other Flex Funding (excludes TL Salary Subsidies)            
   FY12 TL FSF Legacy Teacher Supplement        $157,995    
   FY12 School Support Supplement Equivalent       $0    
  [q] Budget Reduction = 3.26% of Base Budget for Reduction applied
             to TL Fair Student Funding Allocation Category
[q] = [p] $12,574,990  *  .0326   ($410,329)    
  [r] FY12 Base Budget after Reduction [r] = [p] $12,574,990  +  [q] ($410,329)   $12,164,661    

VI. Current FY12 Allocations in Galaxy
  1. Calculations may have discrepancies due to rounding display of percentages applied.