School Budget Overview

Budget Overview For 2012-13 School Year

2012-2013 School Budgets

School year 2012-2013 Fair Student Funding (FSF) allocations will reflect the following adjustments from school year 2011-2012:
  • School budgets in FY13 remain comparable to FY12 levels due to stable year-to-year City and State revenues.
  • New FSF Special Education weights support reforms that meet students’ needs through use of the least restrictive, appropriate environments and increased access to the general education curriculum.
  • Large scale changes in school budgets due to new Special Education weights are unlikely in FY13 since the revised weights apply only to changes in each school’s pupil register.
  • Schools that received FSF “class funds” for empty special education classroom seats in the current school year will receive separate transitional funding in FY13.
  • To better support high schools pupils with significant graduation challenges, the Transfer School FSF Weight now funds pupils according to their level of need and whether they are over-aged and under-credited (OAUC). OAUC students enrolling “over the counter” in traditional high schools now receive funding in FY13.
Tables below provide further details and explain the changes to each school’s budget.
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  I. FY12 Revised Base Allocations   a=b+c+d+e+f       $5,636,014
  FY12 TL Fair Student Funding and TL 09 C4E CTT net of one-shots*   b   $5,636,014    
  (FY12 initial Fair Student Funding allocation adjusted for
            register changes and cuts)
  Other FY12 Allocations added to the base as per FY13 policy            
  FY12 TL Funds Over Formula (final)   c    $0    
  FY12 TL Phase I SE Transitional Funding (21-59% support) portion   d    $0    
  Note: Remaining Phase I SE Transitional Funding ( $0 )
            is not added to the base.
  Adjustments to FY12 allocations to align with FY13 policy          
  FY12 Final Special Education Empty Seats funding (removed from base)   e   $0    
  Note: Refer to Section V. below for FY13 TL SE Transitional
                 funding allocated for empty seats.
  FY12 High School Transfer Weight formula change (removed from base)   f   $0    

II. FY13 Fair Student Funding Preliminary Allocation   g=a+h+i+u        $5,468,446
  FY12 TL Revised Base Allocations   a   $5,636,014    
  Adjustment for Register Change   h    ($218,424)    
  Adjustment for System-wide Teacher Salary Growth   i   $50,856    
  Foundation for New Schools   u   $0    

III. FY13 Fair Student Funding Formula at 100%   j       $6,245,210
  FY13 Final Percent of Formula            
  [g] FY13 Fair Student Funding Preliminary Allocation - Foundation ($225,000) k= ($5,468,446 - $225,000) = $5,243,446  = 87.10%
  [j] FY13 Fair Student Funding Formula - Foundation ($225,000) ($6,245,210 - $225,000) $6,020,210 
  Note: Funds in excess of 100% are allocated in TL Funds Over Formula.          

  IV. FY13 Initial Fair Student Funding Allocations   g       $5,468,446
  TL Fair Student Funding (HS)   $5,468,446
  TL 09 C4E (HS)   $0
  FY13 Funds Over Formula (HS) {amount exceeding the new formula}   $0

  V. FY13 TL SE Transitional Funding           $0

VI. FY13 Current Allocations in Galaxy
  1. Calculations may have discrepancies due to rounding display of percentages applied.
  2. "TL" represents Tax Levy Funding.