Fair Student Funding Overview

Budget Overview For 2013-14 School Year

2013-2014 School Budgets

School year 2013-2014 Fair Student Funding (FSF) allocations will reflect the following:
  • School budgets in FY14 remain comparable to FY13 levels due to stable year-to-year City and State revenues.
  • Schools that would start FY14 with a FSF budget under 81% of the formula will receive additional dollars to raise their FSF allocation to 81% of the formula.
  • Funding weights for high school pupils with significant graduation challenges (those who enroll "over the counter" and are considered over-age and under-credited) will continue to grow for non-Transfer Schools in the second and final year of formula revisions designed to improve support for these pupils by matching their support to that of students with heavy graduation challenges in Transfer Schools. The funding weight for Transfer School pupils that do not have heavy graduation challenges will experience a second corresponding decrease.
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I. FY13 Revised Base Allocations   a=b+c+d+e+f         $3,904,532
  FY13 TL Fair Student Funding and TL 09 C4E CTT net of one-shots*   b   $3,880,328    
  (FY13 initial Fair Student Funding allocation adjusted for
             register changes)
  Other FY13 Allocations added to the base as per FY14 policy            
  FY13 TL Funds Over Formula   c    $0    
  TL FY13 Sped 4/7 ICT Credit   d    $24,204    
  Adjustments to FY13 allocations to align with FY14 policy          
  FY13 Academic Intervention Heavy Graduation Challenge OTC   e   $0    
  FY13 High School Transfer Weight Reduction to Complete Phase-in
            of FY13 Formula Change
  f   $0    

II. FY14 Fair Student Funding Preliminary Allocation   g=a+h+i+u        $3,932,833
  FY13 TL Revised Base Allocations   a   $3,904,532    
  Adjustment for Register Change   h    $25,642    
  Adjustment for System-wide Teacher Salary Growth   i   $2,659    
  Foundation for New Schools   u   $0    

III. FY14 Fair Student Funding Formula at 100%   j       $4,714,050
  FY14 Base Percent of Formula            
  [g] FY14 Fair Student Funding Preliminary Allocation - Foundation ($225,000) k= ($3,932,833 - $225,000) = $3,707,833  = 82.60%
  [j] FY14 Fair Student Funding Formula - Foundation ($225,000) ($4,714,050 - $225,000) $4,489,050 
  Note: Funds in excess of 100% are allocated in TL Funds Over Formula.          
  Adjustment to Raise School's FSF Funding Percent If Less Than 81%    v       $0
  FY14 Final Percent of Formula            
  [g] FY14 FSF Preliminary Allocation - Foundation + [v] Amount to Raise the Floor w= ($3,707,833 + $0)     = 82.60%
  [j] FY14 Fair Student Funding Formula - Foundation ($225,000) $4,489,050  

IV. FY14 Initial Fair Student Funding Allocations   x = g + v       $3,932,833
  TL Fair Student Funding (HS)   $3,932,834
  TL 09 C4E (HS)   $0
  TL Funds Over Formula (HS) {amount exceeding the formula}   $0

V. FY14 TL SE Transitional Funding             $96,822

VI. FY14 Current Allocations in Galaxy
  1. Calculations may have discrepancies due to rounding display of percentages applied.
  2. "TL" represents Tax Levy Funding.