Panel For Educational Policy

Kamillah Payne-Hanks - Staten Island Representative

Kamillah Payne-Hanks serves as the Staten Island representative on the Panel for Educational Policy. Ms. Payne-Hanks is a mother of four, with three children in New York City Public Schools. A lifelong resident of Staten Island and a longtime North Shore activist, Ms. Payne-Hanks has been an advocate for improved public education in our city, and attended public school in Manhattan at LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. She is the founder and president of Historic Tappen Park Community Partnership, Inc. where she works to boost cultural and economic development in the area. Ms. Payne-Hanks also serves as vice president of the Van Duzer Street Civic Association. She previously worked in public relations in Manhattan, but currently works and resides in Staten Island.