Panel For Educational Policy

Roberto Soto-Carrión

Roberto Soto-Carrión is a Bronx native and proud product of New York City Public Schools. He is a passionate youth advocate and has worked to support marginalized young people and their families for over 15 years. Soto-Carrión serves as an attendance improvement/dropout prevention counselor at a public high school for The Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, a non-profit dedicated to combining education and advocacy to expand opportunities for children and families, and to strengthen the voice of the Latino community.  He is currently a doctoral candidate at Brandeis University and holds an M.A. from the University of Chicago. His current research focuses on the role of social media to transform movement processes and organizing repertories in contemporary student movements. Soto-Carrión is committed to fighting for social justice in our school system, which he believes should serve as a place of questioning and critical thinking. He also believes education to be an integral part of social change where students should be encouraged  to view themselves as active agents of change.  Soto-Carrión currently works and resides in Brooklyn.