Leadership Library

The leadership library consists of literature and other resources used by DOE leadership development programs and professional experiences. Some of the resources listed are used as core parts of the curriculum, whereas other resources have supported both faculty and participants to improve their practice. Please note that the leadership library does not showcase every tool used or endorse any particular resource.

Please take full advantage of the leadership library and contact us to suggest resources that have been helpful to your practice.

  • Learn more about resources used to prepare DOE mentors and coaches to provide advice, share knowledge and experiences, and support individuals.
  • Explore resources used to support facilitators manage discussions, lead team meetings, get the best from all members, and meet objectives successfully.
  • Acquire information regarding resources used to support new and existing teams strengthen or start professional learning communities (PLC).
  • Review resources used by DOE leadership development programs to explore areas of change leadership, teamwork, emotional intelligence and more.
  • Find technical and adaptive resources to support the development of current and aspiring leaders in examing the core of our work--teaching and learning.