Leadership Development Opportunities


The New York City Department of Education believes in its talent: the teachers, school leaders, and other personnel who work with our city’s 1.1 million students. We believe that an investment in their leadership development today will benefit our children’s futures tomorrow. From our teacher leadership programs to opportunities for seasoned principals, we offer a range of professional experiences for leadership development and career advancement.

  • Peruse leadership development opportunities for current and aspiring teacher leaders designed to enhance existing skill sets and further a teacher's professional development.
  • Explore leadership development programs and opportunities for new, aspiring, and experienced school leaders.
  • Systems-level leaders are an integral part of the NYCDOE pipeline. We believe that by equipping our systems-level leaders with the tools to build world-class schools, systems and services, all students will be better served. The NYCDOE seeks to ensure that all current and aspiring systems-level leaders remain at the forefront of leadership research and development for the 21st century and beyond.