School Leadership

Leaders In Education Apprenticeship Program (LEAP) Mentor Principal

The Leaders in Education Apprenticeship Program (LEAP) is a leadership development program coordinated by the DOE Division of Academics, Performance and Support's Office of Leadership in collaboration with the New York City Leadership Academy. As part of the LEAP model, apprentices' remain at their current school with their principal as their mentor. As part of the application process, mentor principals endorse and agree to support the apprentice throughout the program.

Mentor Eligibility:

  • At least three years as a DOE principal
  • Demonstrate strong evidence of successful school leadership
  • Demonstrate capacity to serve as a mentor by sharing leadership responsibilities and fostering a school culture that supports leadership development
  • Commitment to attend approximately six meetings over the course of the school year
  • Be recommended by the school's network and cluster teams

LEAP Mentor Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Guide from own experience
  • Partake in the planning of the LEAP apprentice's sustainability project
  • Create opportunities for learning-relevant experiences that assist the LEAP apprentice to develop leadership skills
  • Be transparent about decision-making process, particularly around challenging situations
  • Allow the LEAP apprentice to take risks and try various approaches when solving complex problems
  • Listen, observe and provide targeted and timely feedback, supported by low-inference evidence
  • Establish an uninterrupted time to meet on a regular basis
  • If possible, provide time in the apprentice's schedule for a two-fifths reduction in workload
  • Collaborate with the LEAP faculty to enhance learning experiences and strategize about new learning opportunities
  • Balance the role of supervisor and mentor

In consideration of the commitment to and completion of all responsibilities as a mentor principal, LEAP mentors will be provided with professional support and a financial stipend.