School Leadership

New Principal Intensive (NPI)

The New Principal Intensive is a professional development series offered to new principals during the summer before their first year as a school leader or, if their appointment occurs during the school year, the summer after that. Professional development sessions are designed to equip the new principal with a strategic plan for long-term success, focused on increasing student outcomes, and based in their particular school’s needs. They will also learn the interpersonal, communication, and management skills needed both for success with their plan, as well as to lead a school in its day-to-day requirements. Participants are exposed to the concepts, tools, strategies, and data that will enable them to manage personnel, logistics, policies and change within their schools. At the end of the series, new principals are matched with a coach who will continue to support their leadership development throughout the coming year.

Qualifications to enter the program or role:

  • Newly or recently assigned or appointed principals

Skills gained:

  • Creation of a long-term (three-year) plan/vision by participants for their particular schools utilizing their own analysis of data from the New York City Progress Report, New York State School Report Card, the learning environment survey, and other sources
  • An understanding of how to “plan backwards” from a three-year plan/vision to create a useful template for the upcoming school year, particularly the first months of school
  • Leadership implications for teaming, collaboration, partnerships and staff buy-in as participants create school goals and develop immediate action plans
  • Understanding of the Common Core Learning Standards, citywide instructional expectations, and instructional shifts in relationship to the school’s instructional core
  • Work within the Danielson Framework for Teaching, DOE expectations for use and the relationship to Teacher Effectiveness work
  • Training in low-inference observation notes, actionable feedback and the Teacher Effectiveness process
  • An overview of the Quality Review (QR) process and rubric, with coaching in how to set smart goals and develop action plans that are aligned to the QR indicators
  • Ability to examine the key elements of professional learning communities (PLC) and discussion of the key role of teacher leaders & teacher teams in school transformation
  • Preparation for the first days of school and opening message to the faculty
  • Concepts in leadership such as managing change, resiliency, healthy leading, aligning values to school vision, etc.
  • Reflection on presentations given by the directors of the most critical offices in the DOE, including the Chancellor and/or Deputy Chancellor

Key Dates:

  • Invitations are sent to new principals in the spring and early summer; professional development sessions begin in July. Make-up sessions are offered in August.

Program Contact:

Julie Conason –