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Mentoring Excellence Initiative

(for current principals with 3 or more years of experience)


The Office of New Schools is looking for talented educators to open successful schools and we believe the best way to find this talent is by asking successful principals, who have the best perspective on who's ready to take on this work. We've designed a new initiative called Mentoring Excellence to recognize and reward successful experienced principals for identifying and mentoring talent within their buildings and supporting them through the successful development of a new school.

Eligible principals that apply for the program receive up to 90 per session hours (at $43.94/hour) per quarter for after school support that they provide to their mentees. This amounts to approximately $15,000 of additional compensation per year for a three-year cycle (you must reapply each fall). Only those principals with a Well Developed on their most recent Quality Review or a Proficient with a strong network recommendation are eligible to apply.

This is a competitive process and we have limited funding available, so only the top candidates that apply through this program will be selected. If the mentee's proposal is approved this fall, s/he would be released from the Mentor Principal's school at the beginning of the spring semester in 2014 to plan for a school opening that following September. 

Selection Process:

Current tenured principals are eligible to apply to become a mentor principal ("Mentor") if they were the principal of their school at the time of their most recent Quality Review and have been a principal for at least three years. Eligible principals have earned a Well Developed on the most recent Quality Review or have earned a Proficient and have been recommended to participate by the Chief Academic Officer. Eligible principals have put forth a candidate ("Mentee") from within his/her current school that is selected to open a school through the Office of New Schools process. Additionally, the Mentor must apply to the per session posting, which will open later this fall.

The Mentee candidate must possess SAS/SBL or SDA/SDL certification or be enrolled in a license-granting program in order to meet all license requirements and be accepted into the Principal Pool by July 1, 2014. Mentees must enter the Office of New Schools process and be approved in order for Mentor applications to be considered.


Mentee nominees must enter the Office of New Schools proposal process by creating a profile and uploading their resume on our online system later this fall. Once complete, Mentor principals can apply to the per session posting. Please check the ONS website for updated deadlines. Approvals for Mentee applicants proposing new schools to open in 2014 will be made by December 21, 2014. Approved candidates will be released from their current positions at the beginning of the spring semester 2014.


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