Systems Leadership

Network Leader-Superintendent Collaborative

(for current Network Leaders & Superintendents)


To best support our schools, it is critical that superintendents and network leaders develop strong collaborative relationships. The Superintendent-Network Leader Collaborative was created to develop a deeper understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the superintendent and network leader position, identify and outline their coordinated work, and strengthen their collaboration.

Like the Network Leader Institute, the Superintendent-Network Leader Collaborative is designed to strategically incorporate both their work and give them an opportunity to stretch the parameters of their practices through the following 5 core elements:

  • Leverage the wisdom of colleagues
  • Draft and adhere to a theory of action
  • Prioritizing students within their work
  • Reflection and critical thinking
  • Benchmarking practices in service of excellent school support and supervision


Mauriciere DeGovia -, Sara Carvajal -, or Anthony Conelli -