School Leadership

School Leaders Network (SLN)

SLN, a national non-profit in leadership development, expands educational opportunity for all students by transforming school leadership practices, so that all school leaders will have the knowledge, skills, commitment and support to lead high performing schools where all students succeed. SLN uses a cohort-based model to provide a safe, supportive community of colleagues for principals to access resources and leadership practices that can improve their schools. SLN provides a 40-hour research-based program model to build principal leadership. Each Network has 12-15 participants. Networks meet monthly for 3-4 hours in a private room in a restaurant where people can “un-plug” from immediate work demands. A trained SLN Facilitator leads each meeting. During each network meeting, participants present problems of practice and offer suggestions and support to others. Collaboratively, principals learn and discuss new leadership content, build a sense of community within the network; reflect on their own leadership strengths and growth areas; and design and get feedback on action strategies to be completed between meetings.

Our key lever of change is the Student Outcome Strategy (S.O.S.). SLN facilitators guide their network communities to analyze school data and identify an important achievement gap that exists on their campus. SLN principals then target leadership efforts to strategically improve a targeted student outcome with the help of their network peers. This focused strategy serves as the anchor for all leadership actions throughout the year. The SLN facilitator uses the SLN Design for Leading Framework to build the skills of principals to accelerate their school communities toward meeting that targeted student outcome by the end of the school year. SLN principals are allowed to remain a part of their cohorts for as long as they are practicing principals.

Who should join a SLN Network?

  • Experienced (3 years or more) school Principals who have a strong desire to increase student achievement outcomes at their schools
  • School leaders who are looking for opportunities to reconnect to the passion and purpose that brought them to education
  • School leaders who desire rich opportunities to reflect on their leadership and push the thinking and practice of colleagues
  • School-based leaders who want a safe, nurturing and confidential space to explore the deepest challenges in their work

How would SLN benefit my school and me?

  1. SLN will provide leaders with an opportunity to experience how to create and facilitate the kind of rich authentic learning for adults that drive continuous school improvement and student success
  2. SLN will develop the leadership skills of participants so that they can analyze the needs of their school, develop a research-based action plan to address these needs, and take effective action to improve student outcomes
  3. SLN will create a community of supportive colleagues who share the belief that all students can be successful, that systematic analysis and action planning leads to results, and that reflection on leadership improves leadership practice


SLN has many cohorts located across New York City. Enrollment in an SLN cohort is $2,500 per year for 40 hours of professional development. Learning materials and dinner are included with each session. Membership is renewable each year as long as the participant serves as a principal. Membership in SLN runs September to June of each academic year.