School Leadership

Superintendent Professional Development Series

(for current Superintendents)


This year, the Office of Superintendents (OS) enhanced its professional development (PD) to the 38 NYC superintendents in order to expand a culture of reflective learning. Collaborating with several DOE offices, OS ensures that superintendents receive professional learning through regular monthly meetings and specialized institutes.

Each month, OS hosts Citywide Superintendents' PD Meetings, which include a full agenda of presentations and interactive activities from OS staff and other DOE offices. OS recently established a new partnership with the Office of Teacher Effectiveness, which will lead four hands-on sessions this year to refine superintendents' understanding and messaging of well-structured teacher feedback and monitoring. Supplementing the Children First Intensive (CFI) Institutes, these sessions will deepen superintendents' understanding of the 2012-13 citywide instructional expectations.

OS has also organized two new PD strands of specialized institutes, which provide differentiated support to targeted groups of superintendents. OS hosts the Novice Superintendents' Institutes to train first- and second-year superintendents. These sessions provide newer superintendents with trainings around leadership decision-making, the Principal Performance Review process, community engagement, principal and teacher tenure, instructional walk-throughs, safety and discipline, campus management, and, in collaboration with the Office of School Quality, Quality Reviews.

OS leads the High School Superintendents Institutes to ensure that all high school and community superintendents who supervise secondary schools receive academic policy support. OS has joined forces with the Office of Academic Quality, to lead training for superintendents on expectations and strategies to support schools.


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