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The Chancellor's Fellowship


The Chancellor's Fellowship is a leadership development opportunity for top talent at the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE). The program is designed for managerial employees who are committed to public education and have a proven record of success.

The Fellowship provides tangible tools and non-monetary rewards to our 'best and brightest' including professional development; executive coaching, career guidance and a network of peers and alumni.

The Chancellor's Fellowship is a highly selective program for up to twelve participants. Chancellor's Fellows will be trained and provided opportunities in six competency categories that collectively define what it takes to be an effective district leader. Each Fellow will also receive a 360-degree review and five hours of executive coaching.

Chancellor's Fellows will comprise a "cohort" that will meet for six full-day sessions culminating in a graduation ceremony in June 2014. The cohort sessions will follow a leadership curriculum aligned to competency categories, tailored to current education issues and DOE priorities, and led by internal and external faculty.

Chancellor's Fellows will be assigned to one of three smaller Advisory Teams, which will meet between the full-day sessions. The Advisory Teams will allow Fellows to discuss their successes and challenges in a confidential and supportive setting.

Selection Process:

  • The cohort is small and intended for those employees who have considerable responsibility and are 'known' to be leaders on a team, in a division or across the department.
  • There is no uniform profile, particularly given the unique makeup of each division, but Chancellor's Fellows are likely to hold a leadership role, sit on a leadership team and have significant managerial experience (e.g., manage a team of people (directly or indirectly), run large projects, lead high-stakes initiatives).

Skills Needed to Enter Program or Role:

  • The only minimum eligibility requirement for the program is that you are a current NYCDOE managerial employee in the Management Pay Plan.
  • Eligible applicants will be considered based on an interview, resume and application submission, and cabinet and manager recommendation(s).

Professional Development Opportunities:

Participants will engage in an independent and professionally administered 360-degree review process with corresponding executive coaching. Each participant will be matched to an executive coach whose role it will be to help find meaning from the review and produce a development plan based on its results, as well as provide ongoing professional mentoring and support.


On October 29, 2013 the application process will launch. Interested applicants will be asked to submit an application by November 12 and interviews will be held across the following two weeks, concluding on November 27. The first session will be held in December and the program  will run to June, 2014.


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Interested? Please view our Chancellor's Fellowship page on the Intranet for more details on the application process.