Teacher Leadership

Teacher Leadership Program (TLP)

Teacher Leadership Program

The Teacher Leadership Program (TLP) is a year-long, skills-based course for instructional improvements through teacher teams. Participants have the opportunity to develop and practice leadership skills, set goals with their colleagues, and connect instructional dialogue to teacher practices by using formative and summative assessment data, lesson plans, and classroom observations under real conditions and in real time at their schools. Participants work in cohorts to problem-solve issues with their school-based teams. 

Criteria for Participating Schools

Teacher Leader Eligibility

School demonstrates strong evidence of instructional leadership on teacher teams.

School leaders foster a culture that supports teacher leadership development.

School team is committed to using an inquiry approach and fostering collaborative learning and practice focused on improving teaching and learning.

A school leader (principal or assistant principal) and at least two teacher leaders from the school are interested in developing a deeper understanding of the citywide instructional expectations.

At least two years of experience as a  full-time K–12 teacher

Interested in potentially becoming a future school leader

Currently serve in a school-based leadership role (such as grade-level team leader, department chair, lead teacher, or teacher team leader) whose responsbilities include facilitation of a teacher team


Program structure: School Teams

  • The Teacher Leadership Program (TLP) includes 5 cohorts of up to 25 school teams each
  • Each school team should include 2–5 teacher leaders and a school leader (principal or assistant principal) from the same school
  • Teacher leaders accepted to participate in TLP must serve in a leadership role in their school (such as grade-level team leader, department chair, lead teacher, or teacher team leader) and lead a teacher team

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will:

  • Possess the knowledge and skills to lead and support their colleagues in collaborative learning and practice aligned to the citywide instructional expectations
  • Understand peer coaching models and have developed tools to engage in reflective practices to improve instruction
  • Have learned and practiced using a variety of facilitation protocols for effective goal-setting, problem-solving, and reflective practices related to teacher and student work
  • Complete a portfolio demonstrating work they have facilitated with their school-based team related to a component of the citywide instructional expectations and the skills they have acquired aligned to the TLP facilitative leadership standards (required for certificate of completion)

Skills gained:

  • Facilitation, coaching, and communication skills
  • Ability to develop a professional learning community (PLC) with the goal of improving teaching and learning
  • Knowledge of research-based protocols, tools, and techniques that facilitate collaborative learning environments
  • Knowledge of Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) and instructional shifts needed to lead and support colleagues in inquiry work aligned to the citywide instructional expectations and Quality Review

This program is particularly aligned to the following indicators on the Quality Review Rubric:

  • Instructional Core across Classrooms: Curriculum (1.1)
  • Structures for Improvement: Leveraging resources (1.3)
  • Structures for Improvement: Teacher support (4.1)
  • Structures for Improvement: Teacher teams and leadership development (4.2)

Key Dates:

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Program Contact:

Leticia Pineiro - LPineiro@schools.nyc.gov.

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