Teacher Leadership

Common Core Fellowship (CCF)

The Common Core Fellowship establishes a team of Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) experts in each network to develop a robust set of resources aligned to the CCLS for use across the DOE. Fellows are trained to examine the quality and alignment of instructional materials to the CCLS; review curriculum materials; provide feedback to various audiences, including schools across networks; and support the development of more CCLS-aligned resources for the Common Core Library.

Common Core Fellows will:

  • Receive in-depth professional development including norming standards, rubrics, student work analysis, and other curriculum artifacts
  • Review teacher-created and vendor-created instructional resources
  • Edit/refine resources for CCLS alignment as well as New York State Content Standards alignment
  • Annotate instructional materials for further work and adaptation by the author(s)
  • Identify and create instructional materials for posting on the Common Core Library

Skills needed to enter program or role:

  • Instructional expertise
  • Content expertise
  • Curriculum development experience

Skills gained in the program:

  • Expertise in the CCLS and in examining the alignment of teacher and student work to the CCLS
  • Expertise using the DOE’s alignment protocols and instructional materials review rubric
  • Deeper expertise of curriculum development
  • Expertise to provide effective feedback on instructional materials
  • Experience leading a teacher team in creating and implementing CCLS-aligned units of study, including the annotation of student work

Key Dates:

Additional information regarding the application process will be made available in February 2014. Cohort launches in fall 2014.


Academic Evaluation Team - CommonCoreFellows@schools.nyc.gov

Program Website:

The Common Core Library