Teacher Leadership

New Leaders Emerging Leaders Program

The New Leaders Emerging Leaders Program (ELP), develops promising leaders by providing high-impact professional development in adult and instructional leadership skills.  The purpose of the program is to cultivate talent within classrooms and schools that can drive student achievement while also providing New Leaders with the opportunity to observe, nurture, and select talent for our rigorous principal Residency – the Aspiring Principals Program.  

During the Emerging Leaders Program, current teachers, instructional coaches and other school leaders participate in hands-on, on-the-job training that deepens their adult leadership to prepare them for future leadership roles.

The Emerging Leaders Program is focused on developing four key areas of leadership:

  • Adult leadership: Motivating a team to believe in the ability of all students to have the skills for college success and the team’s ability to realize this goal, building trusting relationships, giving constructive feedback and leading effective meetings.
  • Instructional leadership: Setting the expectation that skills for college success are the target, guiding teams through a full data analysis cycle as well as observing and coaching teachers to improve instruction.
  • Culture leadership: Building a learning orientation among team members and students focused on hard work and personal responsibility for one’s own development.
  • Personal leadership: Receiving feedback and self-reflecting to continuously improve.

Founded in 2000, New Leaders attracts, prepares and supports transformational school leaders who are driving results for more than a quarter million students in 10 urban areas across the country.

Successful candaidates:

  • Currently serve in a school where there are significant opportunities for participant to lead a consistent team of adults focused on improving instruction and culture
  • Have a serious intention and desire to serve as a principal and willingness to enter the principal preparation pipeline
  • Have a record of student achievement results as a teacher, team leader, leadership team member or assistant principal
  • Are recommended by someone who knows their work with students (e.g., principal, coach, mentor, etc.)


For more information regarding key dates and program requirements, please visit the New Leaders Emerging Leaders Program website

For questions, email Melissa Posa at mposa@newleaders.org