Teacher Leadership

New Teacher Mentoring

The mentor’s role is to promote the growth and development of new teachers to improve student learning. When new teachers are hired, they are expected to learn on the job and impact student learning immediately. Mentors are critical supports in guiding new teachers to enhance their planning, instruction, and content knowledge, and help orient new teachers to the profession. Mentors also serve as collegial and emotional supports for this challenging phase of a teacher’s career. Mentors are required to document the new teacher’s mentoring experience in order to fulfill the New York State mentoring requirement for professional certification.

Skills needed to enter program or role:

  • At least five years of teaching in the New York City public schools
  • Demonstration of mastery of pedagogical and subject matter skills
  • Evidence of excellent interpersonal skills
  • Commitment to participate in professional development

Skills gained:

  • Ability to guide new teachers through the instructional coaching cycle
  • Ability to establish a trusting relationship and create a risk-free learning environment for the new teacher
  • Connecting new teachers with school and community based resources
  • Using and reflecting on the framework for teaching or another research-based framework

Key dates:

  • June or September 2013, the New Teacher Induction Committee interviews applicants.
  • The principal enters matches into the Mentor Tracking System (MTS) by the end of September.
  • Fall 2013, opportunities to participate in a 12 hour mentor course are offered.

Application process:

  • Teachers apply at the school level. The New Teacher Induction Committee interviews applicants and recommends mentor and new teacher matches. The final decision in matching is made by the school principal.

Program Contact:

Judi Fenton - JFenton2@schools.nyc.org