Teacher Leadership

New School Founding Teacher

New Schools are created in communities that are most in need. Since 2002, more than 500 new district and charter schools have opened in NYC. In that time, the new small high schools have increased overall graduation rates in NYC. A New School begins with a visionary leader who is prepared to challenge the status quo with a new idea for a school design. The Office of New Schools (ONS) works closely with New School leaders to identify educators who share their vision and entrepreneurial spirit as well as their commitment to the challenge of opening a new school. New School teachers are often collaborative and deeply dedicated to serving all students.

Skills to enter role:

  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills and willingness to take on duties that support classroom teaching such as frequent department and grade level meetings, participating in the school decision making process, and supporting student achievement through proactive and consistent outreach to parents.
  • Flexibility to work within a non-traditional school schedule and organizational structure that meets the needs of all students with a focus on individualized student learning.
  • Familiarity with professional literature and best practice in content area.
  • Evidence of collaborating in inter-disciplinary planning and teaching teams and commitment to continuous professional growth.

Key dates:

Please visit the ONS website for a list of new schools and contact information


Amy Basile - Abasile2@schools.nyc.gov