Leadership Profiles

Voices from the Field

  • Claudia Aguirre is the principal of Dual Language Middle School. Aguirre has been at Dual Language Middle School since she began her career as a teacher in 1994 and has been the school’s principal since 2003.

    “Exceptional leadership requires making decisions that are in the best interest of the children we are serving instead of what may be easier for adults.”

  • Janice Chao-Ching Liao is a Bank Street Wallace Fellow currently in her third year as a math/literacy coach at PS158. Chao-Ching Liao began her career as a New York City Teaching Fellow and has been teaching grades second through sixth for seven years. 

     “The unique vision of New York City leadership is promoting an environment of constant learning with an eye for realizing the full potential of each student.”

  • Yuet Chu is a network leader for 28 schools across the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn that span pre-K through twelfth grade. Previously, Chu was the middle school director at the School of the Future and served as a math and science teacher for 10 years.

    “The heart of our work is facilitating school improvement through support of school leaders and their staffs.”
  • Isabel DiMola currently serves as the community superintendent of District 21 in Brooklyn. Over her 20 year career, DiMola has held the positions of teacher, assistant principal, principal, and school superintendent. DiMola began her career as a social studies teacher at Abraham Lincoln High School in 1992.

    “As educators, we have a tremendous responsibility to the students we serve… we must have leaders who understand how to affect change and build on past success, and who can construct a vision and support it to fruition.”

  • William Ko is a Teachers College Wallace Fellow who currently serves as special education coordinator and administrative intern at East River Academy, an alternative high school serving student-inmates at the Rikers Island jails.

    “Schools need to approach problems with the hope and knowledge that nothing is given and that no problems are insurmountable.”

  • Anna Kryukova is a senior at Leon M. Goldstein High School. Kryukova is a student leader who holds the positions of United Network of Student Leaders (UNSL) representative, Science Olympiad team captain, SING leader, art director, and executive editor of The Current newspaper.

    "When students want to inspire other students to do well--that inspires good citizenship that goes beyond the school and continues throughout life…”

  • Danika LaCroix is the founding principal of the Young Scholars’ Academy for Discovery and Exploration. LaCroix has been an educator for 17 years in New York City and Atlanta.

    “I am here to bridge the learning gap and make my school an exceptional place where parents are pleased to send their children and students are proud to attend.”

  • Dillon Prime is the founding principal of the Bronx Park Middle School. Previously, Prime held roles as teacher, coach, mentor, club facilitator, department chair, school leadership team member, grade team leader, and event planner at MS 331.

    “Through collaboration, reflection, innovation, determination and empathy, a school leader can build an instructional vision that accomplishes the goal…great teaching.”

  • Joshua Pryam is a high school senior who currently serves as the Mayor and Performance Acting Director of Midwood High School. Pryam is also a United Network of Student Leaders (UNSL) representative.

    “I hope to be able to one day revolutionize the world with not only my vision, but also the vision of those I lead.”

  • Emmanuela Remy is an eighth grade English Language Arts teacher at the Renaissance School of the Arts. Additionally, Remy is a facilitator for the Teacher Leadership Program (TLP), a data specialist and will soon launch the College Bound program at the school for approximately 30 students.

    “…The only way to show that you have learned something is by teaching it to others…”