NYC Approach to Leadership

About the Leadership Pipeline

The New York City Department of Education is committed to  creating and sustaining a rich, thoughtful, and robust leadership pipeline process, which includes identifying and nurturing talented educators early in their careers, strengthening existing principal preparation programs, and developing new partnerships.

The pipeline structure has systemic supports and effective leadership development programs at each stage to identify and cultivate:

  1. Strong teachers to meet the citywide instructional expectations and move into more formal teacher leadership development programs;
  2. Effective teacher leaders and assistant principals to move into principal pipeline programs and then into principal positions;
  3. Quality support for novice principals; and 
  4. Opportunities for experienced principals to mentor aspiring leaders.

The DOE is committed to sustaining proven, effective strategies. We look forward to continuing our long-time partnership with The Wallace Foundation and others who support this work as we build and strengthen our leadership development and career opportunities.

To learn more please attend our Leadership Pathways Fair on October 21, 2013.