NYC Approach to Leadership

Principal Pipeline Partners

New York City was one of six urban school districts in the United States selected by the Wallace Foundation to participate in its $75 million, five-year Principal Pipeline Initiative. This grant has informed our efforts to reassess our existing leadership pipeline and to strengthen it with an emphasis on teacher leadership and school leadership roles.  The other selected school districts include: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Denver Public Schools, Gwinnett County Public Schools, Hillsborough County Public Schools, and Prince George's County Public Schools.


Principal Pipeline Partners

We are grateful to our network of principal pipeline partners who support our efforts to create strong leaders for our schools and outstanding role models for our students.

Our internal principal pipeline program includes: 

Leaders in Education Apprenticeship Program (LEAP) - launched in 2009 in collaboration with the NYC Leadership Academy, LEAP is a 12-month, cluster-based, on-the-job leadership development program focused on individuals who have demonstrated leadership capacity and readiness to take on school leadership positions. LEAP is a unique model that develops school leaders within their existing school environments and creates opportunities to expand on existing relationships including those with current principals and school communities. The LEAP model is aligned with the Department's instructional initiatives and priorities, and is grounded in research and leadership-based standards.

For more information, please visit Leaders in Education Apprenticeship Program (LEAP).

Our network of principal pipeline partners include:

New York City Leadership Academy (NYCLA) - established in 2003 by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former School Chancellor Joel Klein to address New York City’s critical need for highly effective school leaders, NYCLA is the DOE’s primary provider of school leadership development services and focuses on supporting high-quality school leadership in traditionally low-performing schools and providing system-wide school leadership consulting. Today, 16 percent or one in six of the DOE's principals are graduates of NYCLA’s nationally recognized Aspiring Principals Program (APP). According to an independent evaluation conducted by the Institute for Education and Social Policy at New York University, elementary and middle schools led by APP graduates show more accelerated growth in English language arts and math than schools led by comparison principals. NYCLA’s coaching and support services for DOE principals use a facilitated, job-embedded learning process that enables principals to develop or strengthen leadership behaviors essential to improving school and student outcomes. To date NYCLA has coached nearly 1,200 DOE principals. Since its founding NYCLA has grown into a national organization that partners with large and small school systems, universities, and nonprofits across the country to adapt its programs and build their leadership capacity on a local level. 

For more information, visit New York City Leadership Academy (NYCLA).

New Leaders
(NL) - is a national non-profit organization focused on ensuring high academic achievement for all children, particularly students in poverty and students of color, by developing transformational school leaders and advancing policies and practices that allow great leaders to succeed. New Leaders develops and supports principals and school leaders through a  three-year program consisting of an Emerging Leaders Program, Aspiring Principals Program, and Principal Institute. For over a decade, New Leaders has prepared more than 900 school leaders in 12 urban areas across the country.  In New York City, NL has trained over 100 leaders who are currently serving over 50,000 students. Through NL’s partnership with the DOE and with clusters two and six, they have been able to expand their outreach to recruit and develop outstanding teacher leaders and aspiring principals. Utilizing data around New Leader-led schools allows an understanding of the factors that promote effective school leadership. In 2008, New Leaders used its data findings to create the Urban Excellence Framework™ (UEF™): a roadmap for how theory and practice intersect in improving urban public schools.

For more information, please visit New Leaders.

Bank Street's Principals Institute
(PI) - was designed specifically to prepare leaders for New York City's public schools. Over three decades, PI has graduated 30 cohorts of aspiring leaders.  PI’s current work with clusters one and six builds on a long history of collaborating with community school districts 5, 10, 19, 27, 28, and later region one.  PI's pioneering collaboration with region one on a leadership preparation continuum was documented in a study by Darling-Hammond et al. (2009) of exemplary leadership preparation programs.  PI is committed to inquiry--understanding the needs and demands on leaders and how preparation can make a difference; relationship building--engaging others productively in the shared work; and knowledge development--providing means for others to learn with and through the work in associations, forums, and publications.

For more information, please visit the Bank Street's Principals Institute.

The Summer Principals Academy (SPA) at Teachers College, Columbia University - is a graduate program committed to promoting equity and excellence in education and overcoming the gap in educational access and achievement between the most and least advantaged groups in this country. SPA’s aspiring school leaders are encouraged to construct paradigms for transformative student learning, school improvement, social equity, and opportunity. SPA strives to prepare leaders to create the innovative schools that the nation and world needs. 

For more information, please visit the Summer Principals Academy (SPA) at Teachers College, Columbia University.