About Our Schools

School Leaders

The Office of School Leadership, a division of the Talent Office, aims to advance the growth and development of the educators who lead New York City public schools. Through recruitment, selection, development, and support services, we help to prepare and empower principals to lead successful schools and improve student performance.

Principal Candidate Pool
To ensure that we select outstanding, qualified leaders to become school principals, the Department of Education created the Principal Candidate Pool selection process. This rigorous selection process discerns candidates’ readiness for the principalship and ability to impact student achievement. All candidates for principal positions must first gain entry to the Pool.

Principal and Assistant Principal Recruitment and Selection
Chancellor’s Regulation C-30 governs the selection, assignment and appointment of principals and assistant principals. The C-30 process is conducted whenever there is a principal or an assistant principal vacancy and is driven by each school community. The Office of School Leadership provides technical support throughout the process, including interpretation of the C-30 Regulation.

School Leadership Development
Aspiring and current school leaders can access ongoing training and resources to leverage their strengths and develop in the five New York City Department of Education's School Leadership Competencies

The School Leadership Competency Continuum is a developmental tool that describes what each competency looks like in practice at different stages of leadership development—from an emerging to proficient to exemplary leader. School leaders can use the continuum to identify strengths and opportunities for development.

The Office of School Leadership collaborates with many partners to provide an array of training and support opportunities for school leaders. Partners include the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators (CSA), the NYC Leadership Academy, New Leaders for New Schools, and universities. The office also provides resources aligned to the competencies on the Principals’ Portal.

The Principals’ Portal
The Principals’ Portal is an online tool that allows leaders to quickly and easily find the tools, resources, and systems needed to make a meaningful improvement in their students’ achievement.