Community and High School Superintendents

Superintendents communicate New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) policy to schools and the public. They also lead the evaluation of schools through the Quality Review. All superintendents perform statutory duties for each school, including appointing principals in district schools, acting as rating officer for principals in the district, approving principal and teacher tenure decisions, and approving school budgets.

They also support communities by communicating with District Leadership Teams (DLTs), Presidents’ Councils, and Parent Associations (PA/PTAs), liaising with Community Education Councils (CECs) and the Citywide Council of High Schools (CCHS), and supervising District and Borough Family Advocates.

Community Superintendents

Community Superintendents supervise the principals of elementary and middle schools in each school district. There are 32 Community Superintendents, one for each community school district. 

High School Superintendents

High School Superintendents supervise the principals of high schools and secondary schools in their district(s) across the boroughs. There are 11 High School Superintendents.

Contact the Community Superintendents or the High School Superintendents.

District 75 and District 79 Superintendents

There are also superintendents for schools in District 75 and District 79.

Parent Coordinators

Parent Coordinators serve at the school level to resolve family inquiries and concerns. They provide information to parents about the school, academics, and helpful resources.

To contact the Parent Coordinator of a specific school, please call the school. Visit the New York City Department of Education's school search and type in the name of the school. You will then be directed to the link of the school’s website. When you open the school’s website, the school phone number and the name of the Parent Coordinator will be listed in the right margin under “School Details."