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Leaders in Education Apprenticeship Program (LEAP)

The Leaders in Education Apprenticeship Program (LEAP) is a 12-month, school-based, on-the-job principal preparation and leadership development program run by the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE).  The program focuses on further developing individuals who have a past of demonstrated leadership capacity and transforming them into the future leaders and school administrators for New York City public schools.

LEAP is a unique model that develops school leaders within their current school environment and creates opportunities to harness existing relationships including those with current principals to promote leadership growth. LEAP utilizes multiple learning experiences in addition it provides apprentices with on-the-ground support and access to a trained and experienced LEAP Faculty Member to enhance the personalization of their leadership development.  The LEAP model is aligned with the NYCDOE's instructional initiatives and priorities, and it is grounded in research and NYCDOE Quality Review (QR) leadership-based competencies.

The 5 Components of LEAP:

  1. Summer Intensive: A full-time, five week program covering the three categories of the QR rubric: Instructional Core across Classrooms, School Culture, and Structures for Improvement.
  2. Residency and Mentorship:  School year leadership experiences conducted in your school with feedback from your Principal and/or your LEAP Faculty member.
  3. Weekly Sessions: Small cohort-based class sessions that take place during the school year in the evening with a LEAP Faculty Member complement your school-based residency experiences.
  4. Coaching and Support: On site coaching through regular visits to your school from your LEAP Faculty Member during the school year.
  5. Professional Series: Four times during the school year, seasoned administrators and educational experts share leadership strategies, NYCDOE priorities, and research-based practices.

LEAP Eligibility Requirements:
  • Current NYCDOE employee in good-standing with their position and at least three years of experience working in a large urban school district, such as New York City.
  • At least 4 years of pedagogical experience.
  • Current principal must be willing to serve as mentor, have at least 3 years of supervisory experience, and be endorsed by their Network/Cluster/Superintendent
  • Must have a Master's degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

The application for the 2015-16 school year is now closed. 
It will re-open again in December 2015 for the 2016-17 school year.


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