College and Career Readiness

The DOE’s College and Career Readiness Benchmarks define the qualities and achievements that students need to complete in order to be ready to enroll, persist, and succeed in college, postsecondary training opportunities, and gain entry into meaningful careers.   To guide and  galvanize our collective efforts toward our shared goal of preparing all students for success after graduation, we have identified four essential domains of student development: Common Core Learning Standards, Academic and Personal Behaviors, Academic Programming, and College and Career Access.  These domains provide a roadmap for teachers, schools, and students themselves to work towards indicators of college and career readiness at every level.

Review this overview of all four College and Career Readiness Benchmarks and the resources for each domain below.

College and Career Readiness Benchmarks: Four Domains

Common Core Learning Standards

Academic & Personal Behaviors

Academic Programming

College and Career Access