Using Formative Assessment to Look for Evidence of Growth and Gaps in Student Work and Teacher Practice

Session Description

This session explores how school leaders can leverage effective formative assessment practice to support their staffs in making adjustments to curriculum, instruction, and assessment, moving students toward meeting the expectations of the Common Core. Using a teacher team lens, participants will first engage in a cycle of assessment practice using authentic student work from the new Common Core-aligned benchmark assessments and make connections to instructional practice. Next, transitioning to the principal lens, participants will discuss implications for teacher practice, curricular decisions, and PD planning using student work and school-wide data. Finally, participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their own school and begin planning or revising their assessment strategy, considering the structures and systems necessary to meet the draft 2013–14 citywide instructional expectations. While this session will use samples from elementary and/or middle school grades, the process of leveraging formative assessment tools to move school-wide practice is broadly applicable across all grades, particularly as new Periodic Assessment options become available for high schools.