How Children Succeed: the Importance of Academic and Personal Behaviors

Session Description

The qualities and achievements students need to be ready to succeed in college and careers go beyond academics to skills like persistence and self-regulation. In this session, Dr. Eli Tsukayama, Ph.D., will share his research on this topic, highlighted in Paul Tough’s recent bestseller How Children Succeed, which will be distributed to all principals at the conference. Participants will also engage with the Academic and Personal Behaviors domain of the DOE’s college and career readiness benchmarks along with several on-the-ground strategies effective school leaders have used to embed these important skills in their schools—from teaching and assessing the skills explicitly to creating an atmosphere that helps students take ownership over their own decision-making and builds resilience through instructional work. Finally, participants will have the opportunity to discuss these strategies with their colleagues and consider implications for their own schools.


See session video above.