Citywide Instructional Expectations

2014-15 Citywide Instructional Expectations

From 2011-2015, the Citywide Instructional Expectations guided our work as a system with shared steps for all schools to make sense of the Common Core Learning Standards, the Advance system for teacher development and evaluation, and the special education reform initiative’s A Shared Path to Success and shift practice. Now, through the Framework for Great Schools we are reminded that our work together must encompass the six essential elements: effective school leadership, rigorous instruction, supportive environment, collaborative teachers, strong family-community ties, and trust.

For guidance and expectations in the 2015-16 school year, see a Vision for School Improvement: Applying the Framework for Great Schools and supporting resources and activities.

    2014-15 Citywide Instructional Expectations

    Schools have been working hard to integrate new initiatives, including the Common Core and Advance, into their communities. In the 2014-15 school year, schools will reflect on previous years’ successes and areas for growth in order to create and refine strategic plans that best support their students. Specifically, the 2014-15 Citywide Instructional Expectations call on schools to: 

    1.  Ensure knowledge of students and their work, and use this knowledge as the starting point for planning;

    2.  Integrate policy into an established, clearly articulated instructional focus; and,

    3.  Develop a culture of collaborative professional learning that enables school and individual development.

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