About Common Core

NY State and CCLS

New York City and New York State Education Department

We are excited to partner with the New York State Education Department (NYSED) on the implementation of New York City's instructional expectations.  Together, there is significant work to be done to meet the new standards by New York State in the Common Core Learning Standards.  By combining resources, we hope to provide schools with as much support as possible.  

In addition to the Common Core Library, NYSED has launched EngageNY, a website that provides a number of valuable resources, including:  

Please keep two things in mind: 

First, NYSED is aware of New York City's instructional expectations. If a school meets New York City's instructional expectations, it will be aligned with NYSED's expectations for the Common Core, school-based inquiry/data-driven instruction, and teacher/leader effectiveness. There is clear alignment around the nature of work schools need to do in both New York City's instructional expectations and NYSED's work on EngageNY. We are jointly committed to ensuring our schools move aggressively toward these higher standards.

Second, NYSED documents use the word "networks" to refer to the representatives of districts in the areas of curriculum, assessment, and pedagogy. The NYCDOE is responsible for reporting to NYSED on our work in New York City. Our Children First Networks (CFNs) are responsible for working with their schools and sharing that work with their clusters. CFNs are not responsible for sharing their work directly with NYSED. In our partnership with NYSED, we look forward to working and learning together about how to prepare for the full implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards and to best support our schools towards college and career readiness for all students.