Understanding the Common Core

The Common Core standards provide a clear picture of the skills and knowledge your child needs to know each school year to succeed in a rapidly changing world.  The resources below provide grade-specific information about these learning standards and offer practical ideas on how to support your child’s education—at school and at home.

Read transcripts: Arabic | Bengali | Chinese | French | Haitian Creole | Korean | Russian | Spanish | Urdu

Common Core Overview

Learn what the Common Core standards are and what they mean for your student.
English | Arabic | Bengali | Chinese | French | Haitian Creole | Korean | Russian | Spanish | Urdu

Engage NY Parent & Family Resources

Visit New York State’s website for videos, toolkits, frequently asked questions and tips for how to help your child learn the standards.

Achieve NYC Guide

Read Acheive NYC, the complete guide to New York City public schools for families. The guide covers grades Pre-K through 12th and includes infomation on college readiness and how to be more involved with your child's eduction.