Understanding the Framework for Teaching with the Literacy Shifts in Social Studies and Science

Activity Description

This activity focuses on applying both the literacy shifts and selected components of the Danielson Framework for Teaching’s Domain 1 (Planning and Preparation) to science and social studies unit components and lesson plans. It is designed to either follow the “Understanding the Literacy Shifts in Social Studies and Science” activity or be offered as its own activity. If the participants have already explored the literacy shifts in social studies and science, some steps can be skipped. Participants should read the 2013-2014 Citywide Instructional Expectations prior to engaging in this activity. 

 In this 60-90 minute activity, participants will:

  • Explore how social studies and science teachers can deepen their work with the Framework for Teaching as they align their units and lessons to the Common Core Learning Standards.
  • Analyze either a science or social studies unit component document and lesson plan for alignment to the Framework for Teaching (FfT) and CCLS shifts.

Linked Resources