Closing Curriculum Gaps by Focusing on the Important Mathematics in the CCLS

Activity Description

In order to align curricula, shift classroom practice, and identify gaps, we need to have a deep understanding of the mathematical content expectations of students in the CCLSM. This activity focuses on Ratio and Proportionality in 6th and 7th grade because this topic provides a good example of the significant change in expectations for students and is accessible to teachers of middle school, elementary school (through a connection with multiplicative relationships) and high school (through a connection with algebraic thinking and functions).   

In this 90-minute activity, participants will:

  • Explore what is meant by focusing instruction
  • Compare how the CCLSM and the NYS 2005 standards describe ratio and proportionality in 6th and 7th grades
  • Work through, and compare how two math tasks align to the mathematics described in the CCLSM
  • Reflect and discuss implications for themselves, students, and their work as a group

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