Analyzing Teaching and Learning Using Multiple Lenses in Mathematics

Activity Description

In order to improve teaching and learning in our schools, we need to consider both pedagogy and content. This 120 minute activity will focus on the integration of the Danielson Framework for Teaching and the Common Core Learning Standards to analyze teacher practice and identify instructional next steps. Although the activity as written focuses on a 2nd grade mathematics classroom, the activity could be adopted to other grades and subjects by using alternate videos and corresponding standards.. 

In this 120-minute activity, participants will:

  • Watch a video of classroom practice, recording low inference notes
  • Analyze the teaching using the lens of Domain 3 of the Danielson Framework for Teaching and the lens of the Common Core Learning Standards for Mathematics to identify successes and opportunities for improvement.
  • Discuss how the two lenses can work together, and what the teachers in the video could focus on to improve practice in reference to both lenses.
  • Reflect on their learning and personalize for our own classrooms and school.

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