Professional Learning


To successfully prepare all students for their next step in life, teachers need to create cognitively demanding learning experiences in their classrooms every day. To help educators implement the Common Core standards, we have developed a collective focus for our schools, the 2012-2013 Instructional Expectations. To support educators across the city in implementing the Instructional Expectations, the NYC DOE has developed a range of professional learning resources.

  • See a variety of professional development activities that you can use in your school.
  • Learn how Webb’s Depth of Knowledge levels can be used to guide rigorous instruction.
  • Learn how Universal Design for Learning helps instruction meet the needs of a diversity of learners.
  • Browse a collection of articles and research around key topics related to the Common Core.
  • Common Core Code X is the first new, authentic English Language Arts Curriculum that challenges students to read, think, analyze, question, cite evidence, debate, and write every day. Code X was built specifically to address the rigorous demands of the Common Core State Standards and to ensure students become deep readers and measured writers who can translate these skills into success on the Next Generation Assessments.