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Search an assortment of Common Core-aligned tasks, units and student work by keyword, grade level, subject area and Common Core Learning Standard.

The components of the Common Core-aligned tasks with instructional supports include:

  • Unit overview and task description
  • Teacher-annotated student work representing a range of performance levels
  • Rubrics used to assess student work
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles
  • Other instructional support materials

Texts and Task Sets

To ensure that students experience Common Core-aligned instruction in ELA, Social Studies, and Science that requires them to ground reading, writing, and discussion in evidence from text, Texts and Task Sets have been developed. Each of these sets align to a current area in the NYC Science and Social Studies Scope and Sequences and create literacy opportunities within a larger unit of instruction.

The Texts and Task Sets framework overview, available on the CCL, includes:

  • Focus questions
  • Sequenced overview of texts and text complexity analysis
  • Representative text-dependent questions for each text
  • A culminating task

Each classroom set, available for purchase, contains the following items in addition to the features described above:

  • A teacher guide with a CCLS Close Reading Focus and Thinking Map
  • Student copies of all texts in booklet form
  • An aligned trade book collection