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CCLS Mathematics: Resources for Teachers of English Language Learners

In this video series, Phil Daro, co-author of the CCLS answers questions from math teachers of English Language Learners. Phil Daro talks about how the CCLS differ from prior standards and why teachers’ habits will have to change to have a successful implementation with ELL students.



1. How does the Common Core Standards for Mathematics changes the equation for ELLs?

The Common Core Standards make the claim that the language is in the mathematics and that it is not possible to work around it.  This means Mathematics is a language development subject.

2. What are the main shifts introduced by the Common Core Standard for Mathematics?

There are particular shifts among the topics but equally important is the shift that the Standards for Mathematical Practice require of math educators.

3.  When it comes to ELLs, there are often "misperceptions" about rigor versus access. What can you tell us about that?

Teachers often think that they have to lower the complexity and cognitive demand for their ELLs; this is a misguided idea that is rooted in low expectations.

4. How do math educators shift from "answer-getting" to teaching mathematics?


Many educators think that their job is to help students get the right answer, this pervasive view of teaching mathematics worsens when teaching students who are learning English.