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Teacher Coaching with Ann Shannon

Dr. Ann Shannon, nationally renowned math expert, coaches three New York City math teachers on implementing formative assessment lessons while providing support for English Language Learners.  These three courageous teachers opened their doors to experiment and try pedagogical approaches that were new to them.  We would like to thank these educators for their openness and willingness to learn; it is great to see educators embracing the notion that we are all learners, and that there is always room for improvement.  These clips are only a snapshot of a process that took place over multiple days.

School / Teacher


Will Deadwyler (09X022) (8th grade)

Mr. Deadwyler introduces the concept of similarity with an activity designed by Ann Shannon.  While ELL students struggle with the basic concept of similarity, Mr. Deadwyler acts to support them without degrading the rigor of the task.

Rosalia Nolen (24Q077) (5th grade)

Ms. Nolen works with her students in writing equations.  Her ELL students break into small groups to match algebraic expressions.