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Developing Deep Understanding in Mathematics Aligned with the NYC Common Core Learning Standards (K-3)

These videos feature math consultant Grace D. Coates addressing school teams of K-3 teachers; Ms. Coates’ presentations focus on the CCLS teaching practices of reasoning and dialogue.  The goal of these videos is to provide teams of early elementary teachers of ELLs with best practices and research-based approaches on lesson design that incorporate academic language development. 



Modeling with Mathematics

Grace Coates shows NYC teachers (K-3) how to effectively model with mathematics when teaching English Language Leaners.

Managing Jobs and Roles

Grace Coates explores how working in small groups is very important for ELLs and how managing jobs and roles can make a big difference in the success of these activities.

Frayer Model

Grace Coates provides a detailed example of how the Frayer Model can help ELLs conceptualize mathematics.

Math and Art

Grace Coates discusses how art has a lot to contribute to the math learner, especially when the learner is also acquiring a new language.

Developing Good Questions

Grace Coates examines the quality of different questions and provides detailed examples of “good questions.”