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Teaching Common Core-aligned Math to ELLs

The Office of English Language Learners, in collaboration with Dr. Ann Shannon, nationally renowned math expert, and Dr. Phil Daro, co-author of the Common Core Learning Standards for mathematics, created a series of videos in which Dr. Daro shares a writer’s perspective on the CCLS with a community of NYC math educators of ELLs. These videos will provide viewers with a better understanding of the implications of the Common Core Standards of Mathematics and their impact on ELLs



Rationale and History of the Common Core Standards: Writer’s Perspective

Phil Daro describes the political process behind how the CCLS began. He also outlines the needs that led to the creation of the CCLS.

Major Design Principles Based on Evidence

Phil Daro draws a comparison between the old types of standards that exist in most states and the CCLS, which are based on what we have learned from research.


Phil Daro explores how implementation of the CCLS requires that we address some misconceptions.

Four Levels of Learning

Phil Daro outlines the four levels of learning mathematics and provides explicit examples.

What Does Good Instruction Look Like

Phil Daro provides a detailed description of what school leaders should be looking for when entering a math classroom.

Language, Mathematics, and ELLs

Phil Daro emphasizes the role of language in learning mathematics and reveals important points in dealing with English Language Learners in the mathematics classroom.